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About us:


Since 2001 6up Blues Band loves to play their music live. Dani Pattis kept his performance alive despite many imponderables and line-up changes. In the mid-2010s he finally met the right bass player in Holger Göller to realize his idea of rumbling blues rock on every stage in the near and far vicinity. After Holger's brother Hanjo decided to move back home in 2021, he took a seat behind the drums to complete the current lineup. Since then, the Göller brothers have been laying the carpet of groove
on which Dani can let off steam to make his songs lively and new every time.
Viva la musica!

Guitar / Vocals / Harp


Founder of 6up blues band in 2001


"Music is my Passion - In the sense of Viva il Blues.  


Now is the right time with the Göller Brothers"


Bass / Back Vocal


since 2014

"Day to remember: my life changed the day I met Dani


and his Guitar, for the first time.


The very next day I was in the band and that's where I am staying"


Drums / Backing Vocals


since 2021


This 80's Kid is a musical talented Monster. From playing the Guitar and Bass, Piano and vocals, producing Folk to Techno.  


He plays the drums with love & passion


"Music is the best medicine"

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